Good Read: Ticket Buying Sucks (now more than ever...)

Started by Hoptimus Prime, Dec 10, 2018, 04:36 pm

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Hoptimus Prime

5/24/2003, and every damn time possible since!


It hits especially hard to the jam band scene, of which Jacket fans loosely associate. It's well known that Jacket fans, as well as Dead and Company, Phish, etc.. go to multiple shows.. When I first got into live music it was a wonderful thing that I could afford to attend 3 shows a tour on a modest salary..

Anymore ticket prices are ridiculous- I spent 187 dollars for two tickets to see MMJ @ Forest Hills- thats close to a 30 % increase as to what we paid during the 2017 summer tour. ( If I'm not mistaken, I paid 50 dollars per ticket)

Bands like Pearl Jam and MMJ can't really do too much to change the industry either, due to Ticketmaster's monopoly on ticketing/ exclusive argreements with major venues.

The result is I got to far less shows than I would like to/ used to, and the diversity of the entire live music scene is dimmed just a bit.  People like me now choose one show to attend, and then often have unreasonably high expectations for returned value of the " product"- I hate to call it that, but that is what the current problems with ticketing have it reduced to.

Luckily for us, the magic can still happen- but we are all being fucked, having the very thing we love to do hear/ do/ and see used to exploit us.