Jun 18, 2019, 01:48 pm

Paul Weller Wild Wood

Started by Leather elbows, Dec 31, 2018, 05:31 pm

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Leather elbows

Everyone simply MUST take in this organic masterpiece


I have this one, it came out when I was working in a record store.  I don't have any of his other albums nor any of The Jam (I'm not into punk at all, really) but I love this album! Yeah, its a cool blend of 90s electronic sounds with 90s British soul and some really good songwriting and singing, but more than that Weller seemed to tap into a deep spiritual vibe that somehow seems nature-based, like pagans and Druids or something like that, like you noted.  It was surprising to me, coming from his punk roots.

Primal Scream Give Out But Don't Give Up is another one like that for me, not a fan of any of their other stuff, but I dig this one album by them.  And now I see they released the original Memphis Ardent studios Tom Dowd produced version of the album with Muscle Shoals rhythm section Hood and Hawkins, sounds like something I need to get!
"Some like their water shallow, I like mine deep"

Leather elbows

Yea man

From The Jam's compact snap to wild wood. Weller fully deserves to be knighted.
I dream that one day he will tour wild wood from beginning to end they way the pixies did Doolittle.