MMJ Late Night High Sierra 2006

Started by walterfredo, Apr 20, 2009, 06:17 pm

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I downloaded this the other day, just got around to listening to it today...the sound on this is REALLY great. Thanks!
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Hi there! Seems like the last time this was shared was in 2010. I was at this show and would LOVE to download a copy if anyone has time to upload. Many thanks!


Quote from: emilyo_PDX on Oct 12, 2020, 01:03 amHi there! Seems like the last time this was shared was in 2010. I was at this show and would LOVE to download a copy if anyone has time to upload. Many thanks!

been combing my files and cannot seem to locate anymore. Maybe someone else has this and can re-up (Yac??).


Ah the legendary High Sierra late night set. I could have swore i had this saved to my hard drive but i dont see it. Thanks for resharing. I know this was never on Archive so I'll try get it up on there soon.


This got me curious to google about the show. Found a cool write up to share.

"There's an informality and camaraderie that's unlike any other music festival I've attended. You frequently find yourself sharing beers with the artists who floored you earlier in the day. The musicians seem to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the attendees, and it inspires relaxed, spontaneous performances. Case in point, My Morning Jacket's late-night Friday set. While the days are spent outdoors, once the moon is high, things move inside to elaborately decorated spaces. Jim James and his Olympian rockers performed in a room he came to call the "Arctic Tent" -- a place of snowflakes, spliff-smoking polar bears, and glowing rollergirls. Like a curvaceous, undulating dream, MMJ slowly built a massive wall of sound that permeated every corner of the hall. It felt like the most exquisite high school dance one could imagine, and the urge to sway gently with a stranger during beautifully bruised jewels like "Hopefully" was strong. Besides extended, exploratory runs through cuts from Z -- especially the skippingly bombastic "It Beats For You" and a twistingly exploratory "Off The Record" -- they dipped way back in their catalog, revealing the classic pop genius that's always been present but is only now being fully revealed. All was unrushed, and James' eyes glimmered with a playful twinkle, and his between-song patter further lured us into the collective spell. It was completely different from the widescreen rock of their main stage performance the next night -- one which more closely resembled their head-of-steam onslaught at Bonnaroo a few weeks earlier. MMJ's late night sojourn had a completeness of character and luxuriant emotional depth. There are no halfway measures with this band. They reach into the very dark and light of you. Maybe not all are ready to have their essence stimulated but creeping past the 3 a.m. hour, a roomful of us exhaled a collective sigh, drunk on the Louisville moonshine, warmed from the inside, carried away by terrestrially bound angels."