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Forest Hills Show tears

Started by Krh59, Aug 11, 2019, 03:36 pm

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Guys last night was epic. I drove from south jersey and was fortunate enough to catch the show at Forest Hills. Me and my wife had 'Golden' as our "first dance" in our wedding and we got married end of June.

We lost it when you guys played it. My wife even teared up. (I did too... maybe) Just wanted to let you know that your music touches people in the most beautiful ways. It was such an amazing experience and can't wait to see where you will play next year. I had so much fun and so did a first timer.

I couldn't have been more proud to spend the evening with y'all.

Keep it up. Much love. Korey


Golden is a beautiful song, and if it doesn't bring tears to your eyes at some point, we may need to check your pulse.  What a great song for a first dance.

And you always told me
No matter how long it holds me
If it falls apart
Or makes us millonaires
You'll be right here forever
We'll go through this thing together
And on heaven's golden shore
We'll lay our heads
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I never get sick of hearing it, the studio version is perfect but stuff like the 2012 versions they were  doing were insane. Pleasure to have seen one. The version on Okonokos is probably definitive, loved the Golden from OBH4 too.

That song brings back many memories and many chills and a lot of future ones too haha so amazing
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Listening to the interlude (is that what it is called?) on Golden from The Wiltern...I don't remember exactly what show he added that part, but it was such a tonally complete contour to the rest of the song...
Golden is the highest form of love...agape. It is gentle and open and expansive and deep and whole and holy and human. Feeling in my soul I've never felt before...but it...this song..
ALWAYS takes me there.
I liken it to this vision I had of myself in my childhood backyard looking up at the clouds...feeling my future self looking back at my present self in that moment. It feels like that to me. There is a quality of leaping into forever, while looking back down thru the ages.

What a lovely memory for you and your beloved. What a treasure and a prayer to your relationship.
"I'd forgotten how much light there is in the world, till you gave it back to me."