My Morning Jacket Paradiso 2015-09-10 (new to Archive)

Started by cgreen2599, Jun 21, 2019, 06:49 pm

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I've uploaded their show from the Paradiso in Amsterdam to archive. I think the quality is pretty good. Rare Heartbreakin Man opener and Hopefully as a set closer too. Enjoy! 

Props to Otto of Dutch Masters Recording for taping. I pulled this off either etree or Dime a few years ago. Slowly been going through all the shows I have downloaded to my computer and trying to upload ones that are not on Archive.


Sound is AWESOME, but what happened to the end of Only Memories/beginning of TWTHS? I heard the Dondante>Memories transition and thought this was gonna be another good segue and then it just kinda faded out of the recordng instead of being a musical thing