JJ in DC - Kennedy Center 9/4/19 - Roll Call

Started by APR, Jul 16, 2019, 02:06 pm

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Anyone have a sense of what this song cycle is? Has Jim ever done anything like this before with an orchestra?


Sometimes when I get in my zone, you'd think I was stoned, but I never as they say, touched the stuf


It was really cool to see Jim sing with an orchestra.  He came out and sang (didn't play guitar at all) after intermission.  First set was just the symphony. Second set was probably the Nature album front to back. The new song's lyrics were cool and meaningful.  The EE tunes were great, and during Same Old Lie Jim really let his voice rip and howl.  The violin solo during it was sweet too.

At the end of the night I learned from someone in management that more of these orchestra shows will be announced.  So if you're in Denver or Seattle, I recommend going to this show.  And if you're not, there is hope that this will be coming around as it will be announced for cities sooner or later.