ISO Port Chester Elephant

Started by eleaf14, Aug 11, 2019, 12:42 PM

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Regretting not picking one up having the chance - but didn't want to roll as they were too thick for my tube. If anyone has a spare (damaged or not) please let me know. Thx.


still looking w/ generous offer - message if you have one. thx.

Sweet Nothing

Quote from: eleaf14 on Aug 13, 2019, 02:11 PMstill looking w/ generous offer - message if you have one. thx.



I wonder how many of these actually survived.


Quote from: mattsiu02 on Sep 08, 2019, 10:55 PMI wonder how many of these actually survived.

I saw quite a few. Crazy thing was the coat check never opened but well after doors the Cap merch booth inside the lobby starting accepting bags and tubes to check. I checked three tubes for myself and a couple of friends and post show when I went to get them, I saw the woman had let people check these posters. She did a great job and had them in clear plastic sleeves and flat as could be.  :thumbsup:

I wish I would've known that preshow but them's the breaks. I ended up rolling mine long ways to get it in a tube but it definitely is in far from perfect shape. I'm good with it though as it looks a bit like its on canvas, weathered, and almost vintage like.  :beer:
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I have not seen anyone post one for sale and everyone who has commented about having one said something similar to you. I cringed every time I saw someone roll them. Mine made it out the show in great shape, but got totally messed up by UPS via after I shipped them home. I'm currently fighting with UPS over my insurance claim.