The Order of Nature-Jim James, Teddy Abrams, & The Louisville Orchestra

Started by jttouch2, Aug 23, 2019, 12:08 am

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Quote from: jttouch2 on Aug 23, 2019, 12:08 am

First single released, "Set It To Song." Full album release is October 18th. woohoo!

What a beautiful, cinematic piece of music. Made my soul smile this morning. And the Spotify playlist segued it right into M. Ward's "Chinese Translation". ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing!!!
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Looks like three performances are scheduled. I just grabbed tickets for Denver.


9/4/19 - Washington, DC - The Kennedy Center
5/12/20 - Seattle, WA - Benaroya Hall
5/15/20 - Denver, CO - Colorado Symphony


Nice song and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, but what's up with the abrupt ending?


Quote from: ranyart on Aug 23, 2019, 05:49 pmNice song and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, but what's up with the abrupt ending?

The songs all bleed/fade into each other, so there's no hard stop at the end of everything. It'll make sense when the album is out


For those able to attend the performance in Denver who also happen to be a student or educator, there are currently a limited number of tickets for you at a very reduced price! I secured Orchestra 1 Section seats for only $12.80 including all fees. You can only buy them one at a time but I still got four next to each other without much trouble. Also they are "will call" so you have to show a school ID or some such thing. Here is a link in case others can make it on Friday May 15:


Grabbed tickets for DC on Wednesday. Looked like a bunch were still available (though pricey). Hope it's a solid audience.
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I try not to be negative and I love Jim, but I'm tired of all these side projects.

His solo stuff is even a push for me.

Just give me MMJ.



Quote from: wheelhousetunes on Sep 18, 2019, 10:41 amI try not to be negative and I love Jim, but I'm tired of all these side projects.

His solo stuff is even a push for me.

Just give me MMJ.

Some of Jim's projects work better for me than others, especially Monsters of Folk which I would love to hear more of, but I agree MMJ is much more than the sum of its parts and I look forward to what happens in any case in 2020.


I'm not a huge lover of Set It to Song but the project as a whole definitely has my interest, bar the acoustic stuff (nothing against Jim - I just find most acoustic music a bit dull and self indulgent) I really enjoy Jims solo output. I'm definitely with you guys desperately itching for a new MMJ record (and UK shows!!) but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
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Got my MP3 version in my e-mail since I pre-ordered it. My vinyl copy still hasn't shipped yet (not sure why), but it at least has a shipping label ready to go. Recording sounds pretty good (I was there for the live performance and had my own bootleg that I couldn't share since it was going to be released officially). I hope everyone purchases this recording to support the Louisville Orchestra and to continue supporting Jim and MMJ in general.
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Thought i was going to hate this but actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

The singles were a bit to 'Sinatra-ish' for me, and I love Frank Sinatra.. just not Jim James version of him.

The overall album was very Disneyesque IMO but it flowed nicely together. I liked it more then uniform distortion or clarity, but I really disliked those albums, so for me the benchmark there was pretty low.

Still wouldnt pay to go see it live, but i'd be lying if I didn't admit it was a nice Friday afternoon listen for me.. not sure how many re-listens it'll get, maybe a few, maybe none.

Now can we get a damn MMJ ALBUM!!!!


I'm loving this record! Walking In The Snow is so good. I don't really like the selections from Jim's albums. I mean, I love how they sound, but they just don't fit in with the other tunes. There's this whole nature and existentialism theme, but then these 3 political songs shoehorned in there. That being said, I friggin love what they did with Over and Over!


So what do we have here? 4 new songs, 3 old ones, 2 covers, and a Jimbo in an orchestra pit?



I will forever refer to this album as A Little Touch of Jimsson in The Night.

These arrangements are pretty spectacular. Jim must be in aural awe up there. Here In Spirit sounds like it would bring down the house on Broadway. And holy shit, that ending of Same Old Lie is certainly something.

Good on Jim for getting this out there!