The Order of Nature-Jim James, Teddy Abrams, & The Louisville Orchestra

Started by jttouch2, Aug 23, 2019, 12:08 am

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I also love this album a lot more than I thought I would. Listened to it during a flight from The Netherlands to the UK staring out the window the whole time. Magical. Jim's voice on Walking In The Snow is down right sexy.
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Walking In the Snow > Here in Spirit is an incredible opening combo. I really love this version of Here in Spirit, the orchestral arrangement really brings out the power those words have to me. I was there live and having this as an official recording is pretty special.


I'm really liking the album, In Demand is the standout track for me.  It seems like a tour of sorts is gonna happen in May I believe I heard, which seems strange since the album has just been released.


Okay I lied, I have listened to this album a ton, almost daily. Certainly not a one and done for me by any means.
The first four tracks are so righteous.