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roll call 2.0?

Started by slappymoe, Sep 01, 2019, 11:42 am

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Thanks Cameron.

Toogans used to post on occasion.  He knew his stuff..... seemed like he worked with the band in some capacity.  I remember he provided cool details about how Bo hit the keys during performances of Steam.  And about the recordings of the bootlegs. 


Quote from: Cameron on Sep 07, 2019, 02:45 pmI got it on the 2003 tour.

Ahhhhhh....2 years before I got on the bus. Funny how the universe  works. I attended the highly modified field day at giants stadium in June 2003. It was headlined by radiohead, beastie boys, blur, spiritualized,  and beck (who slipped before he went on stage and cancelled).  Anyway it was a beautiful rainy mess and Radiohead played 8 songs off of hail to the thief two days before the album was released (see full setlist 

Anyhoo, 2 years later I saw this really cool band called my morning jacket at bonnaroo. Well, 40 shows later and i now realized that i could've see MMJ at that very same field day festival 3 months before it still moves was released.

Anywhoo, sorry to ramble kind folks. Everything happens in it's own time!


I'd hope roll call comes back, always loved it.  Was a member from day one and great way to support the band. Hopefully some tweaks can happen as well.
If you don't know for yourself, how could you ever know for me....


I'm told Roll Call will return, but no details on changes, improvements, etc. Toogans was the name of MMJ's first van. "Toogans" who posts here occasionally is an insider in the know.
Close enough!


I've been a Roll Caller from day one and hope it returns.  I'd love some input in it on what was great and what was maybe not so great.
If you don't know for yourself, how could you ever know for me....


Would really love Roll Call to come back!  Never had issues with it and loved the perks.  Would offer my input if they bring back :)
If you don't know for yourself, how could you ever know for me....