Victory Dance | Cancer Beats Remix

Started by CC, Sep 26, 2019, 01:37 pm

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"Victory Dance is the theme song for Norton Children's Cancer Institute's Cancer Beats music therapy program. With support from Children's Hospital Foundation and Teen Cancer America, the program aims to use the power of music to help our patients affected by cancer.
Not only are Norton Children's and Norton Healthcare patients featured in this video, but local Louisville musicians participated. Special thanks to Jim James and My Morning Jacket for letting us remix the song and Louisville Public Media for being a supporter of the program! If you are interested in participating in Cancer Beats or would like more information about the program, visit"

feat. Jecorey "1200" Arthur & others

Mr. White

Here's the interview and the song as it was debuted on WFPK a while back. It's on Soundcloud.
(Brian Schreck is a Music Therapist at Norton Hospital and an all-around good guy.)
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Fantastic use of a great song, thanks for the share !!!