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Paul Cauthen

Started by ChiefOKONO, Oct 04, 2019, 01:53 pm

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Any fans here? I just discovered him and This song "Cocaine Country Dancing" is pretty amusing!


Been a fan of his for years now, he used to be in a band called Sons of Fathers. They broke up and he went out on his own, has started gaining a lot of attention in the country music scene (especially in Dallas and Texas).
He's friends with some of my friends that went to Texas Tech as he would crash in Lubbock often playing shows. His first album "My Gospel" is great for fans of old school country music.
His newest album Room 41 has a lot more rock/funk in it and is also fantastic.


Thanks I am going to have to check out both of the albums it looks like!


Thank you for posting this! Video/song is so good, looks like it should be a Kenny Powers scene.  I'm really loving Room 41 though.  Great record!


You should definitely check out his Sons of Fathers material as well,
It's Paul Cauthen and David Beck (David Beck's father is Bill Whitbeck who plays in Robert Earl Keen's band)
They have some great harmonies together and wonderful music


Thanks I will check out Sons of Fathers as well.

And Murph - you nailed it, it is so like Kenny Powers!!! hahaha


the guy at my record shop suggested this guy to me since I asked about Sturgill's new one when I was in (sold out and backordered). I checked his latest out on the ride home and he sounds like some sort of country Nick Cave...wasn't my thing but I may have to check out his first album if its a bit more traditional.
Don't you ever turn it off


He just came out with another video for Holy Ghost Fire: