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Los Colognes

Started by AKS, Oct 17, 2019, 09:12 am

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Anybody listen to these guys? Love their sound.  The Wave album has been in my regular rotation since Bonnaroo this year! Highly recommend.

Do we have anyone in the Nashville area on here that might be interested in 3 tickets to see them with Midnight North (not familiar with them) on Saturday November 1st? It's at The Basement East. I was going to make the drive from Detroit down to Nashville but can't make it now.


Ok I never heard of them before but I checked out this performance and really dug their sound.
Thanks for posting this!!

Any albums to recommend?


Sound a little Dire Straits-y. Will definitely check out some more of their music!


I love Los Colognes!! They're Nashville based and always bring it live, great guitar player and their cover selection is pretty great (lot of choices that MMJ does at shows I've seen of theirs-Sweet Nuthin, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Rebel Rebel). Listened to The Wave more than either of the other 2 but all of them are good.

Wish I could take those tickets but unfortunately its a 21+ show, which I barely miss the cutoff for :( they'll be killer though, somebody should definiely take those tix!