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Started by Rc51151, Feb 06, 2020, 01:09 pm

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Found my self over the years jumping from band to band but nothing has ever grabbed on to me like MMJ.  A buddy introduced me to MMJ a long time ago for the first time and liked what I was hearing.  Over time and other bands I kinda lost track of MMJ till I was on a trip with my wife and the kids in Yellowstone National Park driving in the mountains and my wife put on Wonderful.  It was like the stars and planets aligning with the view of the mountains and the sun hitting the tree line in some sort of magical dream and from there my obsession started.  I do find a common theme between all of us that love/obsess this band, that no matter what it is we all ask ourselves why didn't I get into this band sooner!!!!!  But once we find them we are happier in thing called life!  I know we all look at the songs differently and they mean differently to us but we all see the emotion and energy in the songs. 
I did get to catch Jim's solo show last year at first ave with some buddies.  It was a face melter of a show!!  When he came back on stage and ripped out golden by him gave me chills and I was in tears.  I did end up getting his set list from that show.  Next show was both nights at Red Rocks aug 2&3.  Hands down nuts.  I did get the second night set list and I also have that framed up!!!  From all the set lists that I have I do believe this one is the most important to me.  Wish I knew how to upload a picture of it on here but as soon as I figure it out I will.  Thanks for reading my banter and see ya at the next show             


Welcome to the forum. We all get where you're coming from. It doesn't matter when you find them as long as you do find them. MMJ music is so magical and spiritual and means something different to all of us yet it means the same to all of us. Hardest band ever to try to describe to somebody.

Those Red Rocks shows last year were for sure "hands down nuts" Let's hope we get to see them again soon.  :beer:
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Love reading these posts!   Sounds soooo good in the outdoors doesn't it?    I remember going to next level Jacket Fever after a trip to the smokey mountains a long time ago...
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Great first post and welcome.  I also wish I found MMJ sooner and also am way happier because of this band.


Thanks for sharing, Rc51151. For all the different ways and moments folks discover or fall in love with MMJ, there is also a common thread of deep feeling and meaning. I like lots of bands and performers, but LOVE MMJ the way I love the Dead, Floyd, and Dylan.
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