The World NEEDS The Jacket

Started by mdgsolo, Mar 20, 2020, 12:54 pm

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No one can sugarcoat this one: the world as we knew it is a mess.  With a new Pearl Jam album just days away, I would argue that we also need the Jacket.  I hope they can somehow convene again and realize the special gift that they collectively offer the ones of us who invite their art into our souls.  Obviously, this may not mean touring right away, but new music would be so welcome- and healing!  I am so appreciative of all the wonderful years and times of their music and hereby request that they consider my humble plea...


I absolutely would not turn my nose up at new MMJ tunes right now, though I think that's always true :grin:

I have rediscovered my love of relisten and the innumerable show tapings on there in these times though. It's keeping me thoroughly entertained most evenings. What I think would be great is the live album that's been in the pipeline for 100 years! 
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Obviously any tour is in serious jeopardy for this year. But I've been predicting that Jim would use Jacket as a platform and time the album/tour with the election cycle. Makes sense with the talk of later summer/fall activity. For the most part he's kept the political stuff to his solo career, but maybe that'll change. Magic Bullet is one of the more political songs he's released with MMJ and I'm wondering if it'll be the same for the new song he played at the Bernie rally.