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Started by Mr. White, Mar 22, 2020, 04:32 pm

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Mr. White

Starting a thread for New/Old Videos.

Since it looks like I'll have some extra time at home, I thought I'd upload some music videos I had saved up that I'd never put on my YouTube channel. At some shows I attended, I would record multiple songs and choose one or two or three to put on my channel. I'm going to go into my personal archives to upload several in the days and weeks (months) to come.

If anyone would like to contribute to this "New/Old Videos" thread with your stuff or just music that you believe hasn't been noticed or appreciated enough, feel free to do so!

This first video is of Tweedy (Jeff Tweedy's other band) performing "California Stars" from a show at the Brown Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky back on 6/11/2014. I was on the front row of the balcony/loge for this one.

This next video is "New Madrid" from the same 2014 show only it is Jeff solo.

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Mr. White

Jeff Tweedy
"Via Chicago"
Headliners Music Hall
Louisville, Kentucky

(Live Video Begins at 1:32)
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