johnnYYac's Omnichord Livestream 3/28 @ 3pm CST

Started by johnnYYac, Mar 27, 2020, 04:40 pm

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LIVESTREAM! Facebook Live (John Yacopucci)

johnnYYac's Omnichord Noodling

The songs of My Morning Jacket ruined for your entertainment!

Saturday, March 28, 2020
3:00pm CST (4pm EST/1pm PST)

See how my love of MMJ led me to this instrument. Sing along or just visit.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy
Close enough!


That was awesome!  Thank you so much from our NC safe room.


Thanks for posting John for us that don't do the FB. Was a fun way to start my Friday morning at work. Loved your Gideon interpretation! You and your family stay safe, hope to see you at a show sooner then later.  :beer:
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