RIP John Prine - Jim James Covers

Started by PaauweUrges, Apr 08, 2020, 12:19 am

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John Prine was my gateway to appreciate classic Country.

Jim James was my gateway to John Prine <3

Once upon a time, someone in this forum shared a folder of MMJ/JJ doing (mostly acoustic) covers . This folder actually changed my life quite a bit.

In this incredible compilation, Jim James covers John Prine's All The Best, & Spanish Pipedream. Of course, MMJ covered All the Best on the 2010 John Prine Tribute record, but Jim James playing it acoustic solo is something quite magical...

Even more magical is his slow, ghostly, contemplative, heart-wrenching cover of the chorus from Spanish Pipedream. I've played this 50-second clip hundred of times.

I'm pretty sure there is a working link to the entire Covers Compilation somewhere in this forum, but here is a dropbox link to Jim's John Prine covers:

Thank you, Jim, for introducing me to one of my favorite songwriters, and RIP John Prine. Enjoy your 9-foot cigarette, brother.


Thanks for sharing, I don't think I heard Spanish Pipedream before!