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Started by HardNightConformist, Apr 11, 2020, 12:44 am

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Has this song as aged well to everyone as it has to me?

When it first released as the single to The Waterfall, I was not feeling it too much. Then, when the whole album released I would often skip over it.

Now, I find it a hell of a tune and have listened to it quite a bit recently. Maybe it't just nostalgia at this point... Five years go quick!

What's your thoughts on this track five years later?


Wow time flies. Waterfall was the first album released since I had discovered the band in 2011, so this song definitely brings me back. They released this and then Spring a bit later. Listened to both on repeat for days. Honestly it's one of the few songs that falls a little flat for me live. Studio is good, and I actually think Jim solo acoustic versions are my favorite.


Yeah I agree that it is a great and catchy song.  Unfortunately it's a single and one of their more pop-driven songs so it is often discredited.  If it was a b-side I think it would be appreciated a lot more.


I don't mind it but it does stick out like a sore thumb on the album in my opinion. I think it would have been better as a stand alone release or as part of an EP.

I really do love The Waterfall as a whole but much prefer listening to live recordings of a few of the songs. Mostly Compound Fracture and Only Memories Remain. Only Memories especially I feel is quite rigid compared to live versions. In Its Infancy, Spring and Tropics are up there with my favourite Jacket songs though.

One thing I have warmed up to as a whole is Uniform Distortion. There were originally a few songs I couldn't get into but I had it on during my home workout today and I was singing along to and enjoying every moment of it!
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