Jim & Patrick - SpaceX Crew Dragon Rocket Launch Countdown

Started by Mr. White, May 27, 2020, 01:56 pm

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Mr. White

Sorry for the late notice on this (starts in a little more than an hour from now). Maybe it will remain on their YouTube channel for later viewing. I follow MaryLiz Bender of Twin Limb on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/marylizbender/ - https://www.cosmicperspective.com/countdowntogether/ ), and she lives down in Florida and is heavily involved in the Space Program. I got the heads up on this, registered, and later got the e-mail with the link below to the live YouTube feed.


Watch Live: SpaceX Crew Dragon Rocket Launch - #CountdownTogether with Astronauts and Musicians

Cosmic Perspective

Artists. Music. Astronauts. Liftoff. Up-Close.

Join us live at the launch site as we connect with astronauts and artists for discussions and musical performances as we all #countdowndowntogether to a new era of human spaceflight.

Liftoff: May 27, 2020
Livestream: 3pm - ~5pm EDT (1900 - 2100 UTC)
4:33am EDT (2033 UTC)

We'll share the moment liftoff from the NASA causeway, with close-up behind-the-scenes views as we use our telescope to track the Falcon 9 rocket as it sends Bob and Doug to space.

Discussions and musical performances from Astronaut Nicole Stott, Imogen Heap, Jim James, STS9, Pyanook, and more (see full list below).

Let's #CountdownTogether:
- Share your reaction during liftoff as you count down from "5, 4, 3, 2, 1... LIFTOFF!"
- Share using hashtag #CountdownTogether on social media.
- We'll include as many videos as we can in our celebration!

Artists & Special Guests:

@Imogen Heap - imogenheap.com
@Jim James - jimjames.com
Patrick Hallahan (@My Morning Jacket) - mymorningjacket.com
@STS9 - sts9.com
Astronaut Nicole Stott - npsdiscovery.com
Frank White (Author of "The Overview Effect"): frankwhiteauthor.com
MI.MU Artists: mimugloves.com
- Pyanook: pyanook.com
- @ChagallMusicOfficial : chagallmusic.com
- Synthestruct: synthestruct.com
Monica Martin: monicamartinofficial.com
Scott Carney (@Wax Fang ): waxfang.com
Adam Schatz - landladyland.com
@TwinLimb: twinlimb.com


- This is the first time SpaceX will send humans to space and they're launching from the same pad that sent our Apollo astronauts to the Moon.
- It's the first time astronauts launch on a commercial vehicle, paving the way for a new era in human spaceflight that opens access to citizens all over the world.
- It's the first time a human will have launched from the U.S. since the end of the Shuttle era in 2011.

Learn more: http://countdowntogether.com


Space exploration is a unifying challenge that gives us hope and excitement for the future. Over and over, it shows us what we are capable of when we work together toward a common goal. For us, the launch is a ritual: A moment of pause to consider what future we want to strive for. Each liftoff is a moment of celebration for all of humanity.


Want to support the work we do? Learn more about our mission to elevate empathy, inspire hope, and unite through experiences of awe and wonder... and go behind-the-scenes as we document and share these space events with as many people as possible. Join the discussion at http://patreon.com/cosmicperspective and learn more at http://cosmicperspective.com

We owe a huge thanks to our friend, Tim Dodd, The @Everyday Astronaut, for leading the rocket telescope collaboration project with us and OPT! Follow Tim and check out his live stream at http://youtube.com/everydayastronaut

Special thanks to Scott Ferguson of Astronomy Live for programming the full throttle and joystick control we are using to track the rocket with the telescope!

Learn more about the Meade LX200 telescope from OPT Telescopes: https://optcorp.com/
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Awesome, now I know where I'm watching it from. Hope it goes today, weather was iffy this morning. Thanks Mr. White
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dookie shoot bandit

Really cool!

Feed is all f'd up. Hope they are able to fix

Mr. White

They just aborted the mission for today due to weather. The water got into the computer and wiring of MaryLiz, and from what comments I was able to read, they will be trying again on Saturday.
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Thanks for posting this link!  I watched NASA's video feed but I would have really loved to have seen this.  Hopefully they'll pick it up again for the next launch attempt.

I did enjoy hearing all the NASA/SpaceX geek talk though but I definitely don't need to sit through much more of that.

I can't wait to see this beast clear the tower!


This is great!  I can't wait for the launch and hopefully we'll have some interesting Jim clips too...

Mr. White

Just got this update from MaryLiz Bender via e-mail:

"Hello everyone!

We are elated that you've decided to join us as we #CountdownTogether to a new era of humans in space!

Liftoff is set for 3:22pm EDT today. However, new storms are rolling in and the chance of Bob and Doug launching are just 50/50.

As I write this, Ryan and I are sheltering inside of our camper near the launch site, during a Phase 2 Lightning Warning.

We can't tell you how excited we've been to deliver this show to you. Everyone involved poured their hearts into preparing to celebrate this historic moment.

Rather than risk interruptions to the special performances to deal with the storms and potential evacuation, we've decided to bring the show to you during a post-launch After-Party Celebration! We'll announce the date and time after Bob and Doug safely make their way to space.

Meanwhile, let's get ready to #CountdownTogether, just in case the heavens open up and Bob and Doug can punch a hole into the sky! Watch the NASA live stream with us!

Share your watch-party moments and liftoff reactions with hashtag #CountdownTogether and we will include as many as we can in the post-launch After-Party!

Go SpaceX, Go Falcon, Go NASA, Go Bob & Doug! We wish you a safe and wonderful journey to space!

❤️ MaryLiz & Ryan"

Here's their Twitter post with video of MaryLiz explaining the plan for the post-launch celebration.

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Thanks.  Looks like they'll let us know after the successful launch when the after party will be.

Mr. White

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