3 MMJ members in the revamped version of a Louisville band called Hawks

Started by Mr. White, May 13, 2021, 10:34 PM

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Mr. White

Got wind of this a while back but hadn't seen anyone here talking about it.

Hawks Official Interweb Site


Hawks is a rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. Lead by former My Morning Jacket member Danny Cash, the band also features current My Morning Jacket band members Patrick Hallahan on drums and Tom Blankenship on bass, along with Betsy Kelly on vocals, Marty O'Toole on lead guitar, and David Woodmansee on keyboards.

Instagram Page for Hawks



Rock & Roll | Louisville, KY
New album coming soon!


Get ready! Our new album "Night and Day" drops tomorrow on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

Bandcamp Link

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Downloading it now and thanks for sharing this news Mr. White!  Here's hoping they do a live show or two in Louisville sooner than later...


i really dug the album they released a couple years ago, and this one is even better!
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Carl did the mixing on it also. I'm liking it after one listen.
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Sounds pretty cool thank you for posting, I want to check it out!

Had no idea about this!


I heard a song of theirs on WFPK the other day. I really liked it, had no idea who it was. It was raw rock and roll, and not the least bit trendy or remotely MMJ sounding. When they said who it was, I was more than surprised, and very pleasantly I might add.