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Roll Call - Forest Hills

Started by parkervb, Jun 16, 2021, 01:02 PM

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I swear, Steam Engine could come out today and people would complain that it's not as good as the old stuff.


I feel like we're overlooking something here.  Here's a band that we now know how close we came to never seeing again.  A band that instead of breaking up, is now releasing an album of new music for the second year in a row.  Let's just stop and appreciate the fact that not only are these shows happening at all, but by all accounts the band seems to be playing better together than they have in years.  Plus, they're still doing no repeats on multi-night runs!  From where I'm sitting, we've got it pretty good.

But while we're here, the first four albums are the best and their best sets come from the non-album cycle tours. 
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Quote from: RobRoy286 on Sep 13, 2021, 09:27 PMI swear, Steam Engine could come out today and people would complain that it's not as good as the old stuff.


Do people seriously not see songs like Slow Slow Tune, Smokin' from Shootin', Spring, Compound, Victory Dance, Run It as up there with songs from ACT 1?! I know some of them suffer from piss poor production (lookin' at you Compound - what WAS the thought process behind making that song sound totally thin and limp?!) but it's all gold live, IMO

The new album seems like they're regaining some of that MMJ 'rawness' that's been bleached out in studio by certain producers over the last few albums, whilst still following their usual trajectory of doing something a little different with a new vibe. Compare them to some bands (The Killers for example) who seem to be stuck in an infinite loop of releasing pale imitations of previous works. Tellin' ya, the wrong band is selling out stadiums in the UK :grin:
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Have seen MMJ over 10 times. The 9/11 Forest Hills show was up there with the best of them. The combination of a glorious new song (In Color), apt covers (Marvin), and Lay Low--->Steam Engine--->Dancefloors was beautiful.

They're such a great band. So much better than anything else in existence right now. They just operate on a separate plane, and it can be hard to grasp that when in the throes of setlist-watching , timing the shows, or whatever else folks pick at to no real avail. I'm so grateful to be able to see them and so happy they came out of the covid break together and better than ever.

I hope to catch them in Denver around NYE. Until then, thank you MMJ!


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Jeff Blauser

Hahah I wish! I'm a longtime Mets fan actually, just loved that guy for his name and hustle. .354 career OBP, unreal!


I was watching TMP2 on Youtube, had to pause it to take a call and when I came back to my desk, this was where it paused. Look how happy that man seems! A FAAAAAAR cry from that handsome face being covered by large sunnie.

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so, I was downloading this show from Archive and started looking closer at the picture on the show of Jim holding a FDNY shirt. It honors Bobby Lane, so of course I had to look him up. 28 yrs young when he was one of the first on the scene that morning. From this writeup:

Mr. Lane was also passionate about music. An alto saxophone player, he owned nearly 200 compact discs, ranging from heavy metal to classical.


I am guessing he would have had a DAMN fine time at the show last Saturday. If he had family and friends there, I hope and am sure the show brought them some joy and connection to Mr. Lane. 
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not sure if this got posted anywhere but it, of course, slaps
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