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Started by ranyart, Aug 05, 2021, 04:56 PM

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I wanted to let the crew here know that one of our MMJ family members had a heart attack early last Sunday morning.  Her name is Leslie and she's a 48 years old.  Her husband Ben woke up, gave her CPR, called 911, and saved her life.  She has been in ICU ever since and today we learned that an MRI shows extensive brain swelling, and she remains unresponsive.

Leslie and Ben have two kids, and Leslie is a school counselor at a local high school, so in addition to her friends and family there's a whole community of folks that are reeling from her situation.  Leslie, Ben, and there two best friends Julie and Chris (who happens to be my wife Betsy's brother) all have tickets to see MMJ at Railbird and we probably would have been there with them if it wasn't my father's 80th birthday.

They are going to leave her as is for awhile to let the swelling go down so they can better asses the situation.  Please keep Leslie, Ben, and the rest of their friends and family in your thoughts and prayers so that we can help lift them up through this, and for all of those who will be attending Railbird take a minute to enjoy the moment for them.

Peace and love to all, and thanks in advance for your help...


OMG!  Wishing them all the best for the best possible outcome!


48 years old?!?  Same as me, but they have kids.  Wow, I hope everything turns out okay.
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I have some good news to report!  Yesterday Leslie was taken off the ventilator and is able to breathe on her own.  She's certainly not out of the woods yet but this is a first big step.  Thanks again for all of the kind thoughts and healing energy heading her way.  The family really appreciates it!

 :thumbsup:  <3


I have an update on Leslie and it's good news!  She is back home and was able to celebrate her 49th birthday with her family and friends.  She definitely has some issues to work through but she is able to function albeit with some limitations.  Thanks to everyone who has been thinking about her the family is super appreciative!


Great news indeed, hoping for continued progress for her.  :thumbsup:
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That's great! Here's to a full recovery!!!

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Great to hear, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.  <3 Tell her thanks for her hard work counseling kids and impacting the world for the better!
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Thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts!

Funny side effect from this mess is she never really was a cussing kinda gal prior to this.  Now the filters have been removed and she dropping the f-bomb right and left. :grin: