Mardy Fish Tennis Documentary Circuital

Started by LilyD, Sep 20, 2021, 10:14 AM

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(Circuital weaved through Mardy Fish Netflix Documentary)

I am a lifelong tennis player and a long-time My Morning Jacket fan. I am the same age as most of these guys-43. Everyone knows my hobbies are tennis and music......and specifically MMJ & Mardy Fish. I've been to OBH 3 times (with 2022 booked), been to RR twice—traveled all over seeing them. Was lucky enough to open with Charlotte and all of the debuts.  The WaterfallII saved me during the pandemic. I sing the praises of this band to anyone that will listen and then say—go to a show!!!! (And I love Tennessee Fire almost the most!!) 
I play a pretty high-level of tennis still but I have court anxiety when I play. While I am out there, I wonder what I'm doing there & a million other things. I've followed Mardy's story since the beginning and related to him so very much. He was teaching lessons on mental health to those that would listen long before now. Such courage!!  Most of the people I know that played at his level don't touch a racket now.

Saturday night, I was watching Mardy's new documentary with my husband and daughter already crying at his story......when Circuital came on. I sobbed. It was like two worlds collided for me and it was amazing!!!  Two forces that have always marched to their own beat but said just give us a listen & you'll learn!
Thanks for letting me tell my story!  (On my phone—typos!)

Side note : Andy Roddick is awesome in this documentary! 
I feel if you take everything down to the core,it's the same in a beautiful way.It's all the same.JJ


my wife and i watched this last week and really enjoyed the use of Circuital, seemed like it went on forever, in a good way. Great doc, i was not familiar with that story at all.



Thanks for recommending this documentary.  I'm a tennis fan also and loved it.  I didn't know about Mardy's story and the Mardy-Roddick connection so I learned a lot.  Hearing Circuital in the middle of the film was a bonus.


Mardy Fish is a badass, saw him play at Indian Wells back in 2008.
I saw THIS
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