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Riverfront Pavillion, Spokane

Started by rkwedge, Sep 30, 2021, 10:28 AM

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Finally got my first show of the tour last night.  I now get what you're all saying about were  the band is at right now. What energy! Jim is sure in a good place right now and playing better then ever, he was really obsessed with the structure the venue is under, commented on it three times. Their first time ever playing in Spokane. I took a newbie to the show and that's always fun to watch as their face melts.  Highlights for me:
An amazing extended the sh*t out version of War Begun into IWSYS's for the first time on this tour. Jim played his standard lead and then went into a second lead. For sure my favorite version of War Begun I've ever heard.

The new arrangement on I'm Amazed is refreshing.

Got a Knot Comes Loose.

Carl going off at the end of RSP was off the chart. Carl and Jim made a lot trips to the front of the stage last night which I love.

Run it is really good live, I like the jam at the end.

Set list:
Touch Me 1
First Light
I'm Amazed
Climbing the Ladder
War Begun
Feel You
Knot Comes Loose
Love Love Love
Touch Me 2
Run It
Victory Dance
Compound Fracture

Now on to Seattle for two more, hope I get an "In Color"
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Quote from: rkwedge on Sep 30, 2021, 10:28 AMNow on to Seattle for two more, hope I get an "In Color"

yes please! Looking forward to this weekend, fly in tomorrow afternoon. Game on!

edit: haha, I thought you said Cobra! I hope we get both.  :thumbsup:


War Begun>I Will Sing You Songs!  Hells yeah!  Stoked its made an appearance this tour, things continue to ramp up and up on this tour, so great!  Those songs are always on my wish list and funnily, I was just playing the version from Port Chester 2012 as I was reading this setlist.

Damn I wish I was seeing more shows this tour.  Pretty sure they will do more legs of touring with the new album coming out.  I'm gonna for sure make a few more!
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"Knot Comes Loose"! That's the deep track I'd most love to hear. I might've flown from New Jersey if I'd known...