Selling: Chicago 2 Thurs & 2 Fri Front Balc

Started by Jayhawks-KC, Oct 02, 2021, 10:38 PM

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Friend got Orchestras and I got excellent balconies for Thurs/Fri Chicago. We're going with his tickets which leaves me with 2 tickets to Thursday and Friday for sale. Both are awesome seats. Thurs is 4th row Carl side and Fri is 3rd row Bo side. Both are in the very first-front balcony. Thursday is 11/4/21 and Friday is 11/5/21.

Thursday: Sec Front Balcony Right Center, Row D, Seats ( 301 - 302 )
Friday: Sec Front Balcony Left, Row C, Seats ( 603 - 604 )

Both pairs are $136 each which is exactly what I paid + whatever shipping it is to you. If you're in Denver, we can just meet up, no shipping.