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Dec 04, 2021, 05:23 AM


Started by mdgsolo, Oct 04, 2021, 10:29 PM

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I'm surprised there is not a thread on this, so I'll start one.. 

What a great show!  I just barely made it back from Ohana Fest after flying in to Portland 3 hours to the north to find myself a spot on the rail- and what I experienced, at least, was an absolute party fest with the band in incredibly happy (and also seemingly appreciative) spirits.  They sounded so tight and ethereal at the same time.  Having seen them maybe 50 times all over the place, this show was a standout for fun vibe.  Beautiful fall evening alongside the Deschutes River (Run It), with birds flying across the open stage 'window' behind in this essentially riparian environment.  In Color, Touch Me Pt. 1 and 2 back to back, Compound Fracture, and Lay Low with an incendiary solo were highlights for me for sure.  If I had to venture a guess, the band was not sure what to expect in a place they had never been and so played the set list a bit safe- on paper that is.  However, being there in person, they brought it in a big way and seemed to feed off of a ridiculously energetic crowd for a Sunday night.  Perhaps it was that, or the end of this part of the tour, but they really seemed to take the material into new places.  They were mindful of the strict curfew but played it on all cylinders right up to the bittersweet OBH end!


Thanks for the review, mdgsolo! I was feeling the exact same way about this show. They played somewhat of a straightforward setlist, no real deep cuts, but damn were they on fire, again. This was my 4th show of the run (Berkeley, Edgefield, Friday Seattle and Bend), and for this one, I took my kids (12 and 10) to their first real rock concert. During and after, I was wondering if my feelings were mostly influenced by family night, or if the show really was just a massive party on the river. So it's nice to read that someone else also felt this similar vibe.

One thing that stands out again to me, is that each show I saw was so different in terms of energy and vibe, but all had the intangible spirit of this band. "Tight and ethereal at the same time" as mdg put it is so spot on. Kinda like how when you fly a kite in a strong breeze - the line is taut but you can effortlessly let it out and reel it in. That's what this show felt like. They would release a bit into a jam, and then come back to the core of the song. So impressive how they can do this and make it look and feel so seamless over and over.

A few other thoughts: my kids both commented on how much energy the band puts into the show. Both kids said the band must be exhausted after each show given how much energy they put into playing. "And then they drive to another city and do it again?!?" I completely agree - I don't know how they sustain the full-on passion they exhibit night after night.

That venue is sweet. I've seen a few shows there before, but they recently re-built the stage rigging, and apparently it's twice as big as it had been which lends itself to a more impressive production. The entire set up is great - the river, the mountains, so many people walking or biking to the show. The food trucks are better than any venue I've seen, they have plenty of beverage stations so there's rarely much of a wait. Based on Jim's ramblings about how much they loved it there (he said they woke up and the sunshine was so amazing and that they all wanted to come back and live in Bend for awhile), perhaps we can get a two-nighter next summer :)



Long time lurker here. Been going to shows since 2006, but felt I had to create an account to chime in regarding this show too and give it some much due LOVE. Completely agree with the posters above, this show had an amazing atmosphere. This was my son's first MMJ show. He's 8. We had such a lovely time. I have no words. The setting, the venue, the band. It was just ON. The band were in great spirits and genuinely seemed stoked to be there. Highlights for me were "Feel You", "In Color", and "Touch Me 1 & 2". Loved Jim's comment at the start of 2..."Part 2!". So funny. Good vibes all around. I was proud to expose my son to such an amazing scene. It was peaking, that's for sure. Setlist wasn't packed with rarities, but it didn't matter. Everything was masterfully performed. "Tight and ethereal..." is the perfect description. Honestly, getting chills thinking about it. Still riding high from Sunday night!


That is an amazing venue, I've been there before. I was curious if there was a poster for that show, haven't seen any pics of one floating around.  Glad you all loved it, sounds very similar to the show I seen in Spokane on 9/29, safe but awesome and energetic. 
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Oh cool poster, thanks for posting, never thought to look in the store.  :thumbsup:
It's the art of feelin' naked in your clothes