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Newport Folk Festival 2012 video (anyone have???)

Started by cgreen2599, Oct 27, 2021, 12:30 PM

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Does anyone have a copy of the full show video of the band's 2012 Newport Folk Festival set? It used to be up on Youtube a while back, but it has since been removed.

Come Closer

Didn't realize there was video of this. That storm was a bummer.

Mr. White

I had it saved from a while back. I used my Nero Burn program for videos and combined the original Part 1 & Part 2 videos into one. The quality isn't the best but not bad either.

My Morning Jacket
Newport Folk Festival
July 28, 2012

Set List:
Welcome Home
The Way That He Sings
It Beats 4 U
Wonderful (The Way I Feel) w/ Ben Sollee and Laura Veirs
Bermuda Highway w/ Will Johnson (Centro-Matic / New Multitudes)
Victory Dance
It Makes No Difference w/ Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) and Clint Maedgen (Preservation Hall Jazz Band / New Orleans Bingo! Show – The Band cover)
Smokin From Shootin' w/ Ben Sollee and Conor Oberst
Movin' Away
I'm Amazed

(Set List information said the show was cut short by about 10 minutes due to incoming inclement weather.)
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Thanks a lot Mr. White!! Very much appreciative.