Jim James ES 335!

Started by Clarkwork, Nov 04, 2021, 04:32 PM

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300 made, have been looking out for this one for a while, and excited to get.
If you don't know for yourself, how could you ever know for me....


Wow, this looks so great.  But so expensive!  I would love to try it out though....

If you get it please post a full review :)


It's beautiful. 335 has been my dream guitar for a long time. This one, WOW.

Mr. White

Jim James ES-335 in Walnut

In this haunting rendition of "Exploding," Jim James demonstrates not only the beauty of his new signature guitar but also the beauty of his songwriting. Inspired by elements of nature, his guitar features a Walnut finish long coveted by ES-335 fans. Gibson is honored to collaborate with Jim James to bring his dream guitar to life.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all guitars will be donated to Gibson Gives, dedicated to creating, developing, and supporting non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance musicians, youth-focused education, music, and wellness initiatives.
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This is awesome too!



This is such a beautiful guitar.  I wonder how quickly Gibson will sell out?


Any idea if they would make more or is it just a hard limit?


Out of Stock- I guess they already sold out?   :shocked:

There seems to be plenty of flippers with them already on Ebay etc. so I guess that's where a bunch of them went..


damn it that really sucks to hear!