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2008-06-20 Radio City on XRT tonight

Started by MyMorningSweatshirt, Nov 05, 2021, 02:52 PM

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Looks like the 2008-06-20 Radio City Music Hall show is being broadcast on XRT tonight (11/5). I would assume soundboard audio, which none of the recordings on archive.org are. I'd record it if I wasn't going to tonight's show... Just a heads up in case anyone else wants to try and record it.



Wow. Missed this but anyone catch it?


Wow, I missed that too.  That was my first Jacket show and I scored first row tickets on the left side through a real fluke.  That show was amazing and, of course, a highwater mark for the band up until that time.  It hooked me.  I also posted the first video to my channel from that show.