2011-06-17 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago - New to Archive

Started by cgreen2599, Nov 08, 2021, 03:28 PM

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I uploaded this last week. It's been in circulation in the past but not on Archive. The audio was ripped from the live broadcast of the show on WXRT and is great quality



Cuz it's been so long since someone shattered me.


I listened to portions of this show yesterday.  Crazy how much better Jim's voice is on the 2021 Chicago night 1 Where to Begin as compared to the linked 2011 version.

Seriously do an A to B comparison, of the 2011 Chicago WTB to the 2021 Chicago WTB.

One thing I noted during the 6 shows I've seen this year is how much Carl is belting out vocal parts that are way up in the upper register.

He's nailing them too!!  I think Carl and Jim have rearranged some of the vocals to save Jim's voice during a tour.  The 2021 Chicago What a Wonderful Man is a good example.

All 5 members have really dug  deep and found new inspiration for songs they're played hundreds of times. It's exciting to see!!!