Local artist depicts Jim as the Jack in a deck of Louisville playing cards.

Started by Mr. White, Nov 23, 2021, 09:45 PM

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Mr. White

Jim By Design - Bri Bowers

Local Louisville artist Bri Bowers designed this double image of Jim for her Louisville Playing Cards depicting Jim as the Jack (this one is the Jack of Clubs). This image is also available as a print (small and large) and on a T-Shirt (that is the image I've posted here). The original deck of cards had a different and slightly simpler version of this image. I ordered that deck several months ago. She has since designed a second deck that features this image of Jim. Unfortunately, she decided to split up the four Jacks to include two of Jack Harlow instead of all four being Jim. She has all kinds of cool things she's designed. I've gotten several stickers of her local music venues that I've been to.

I'm pretty certain Bri has gotten Jim's permission to sell these items. Jim has frequented Bri's bar in Louisville. She posted a picture of Jim and friends at her bar "Shop Bar Boutique and Bar" during the Coronavirus Pandemic from last year. She has also been commissioned to design the advertisement art work for all of the upcoming Jack Harlow shows in the city (he's a local artist too that Jim has collaborated with as well).




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Someone posted this on Facebook on Sunday. I went there Monday to check it out. they were gone. They said Sunday afternoon they sold them all out. She will make more. Bri is a great artist and makes the coolest local art.


Wow this is really cool stuff and thanks for sharing it Mr. White!  Too bad it's sold out there are some great Christmas gifts here.