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Jan 19, 2022, 08:27 AM

OBH - Mexico gangs

Started by atk1, Dec 06, 2021, 04:39 PM

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Yikes!  Always felt perfectly safe on resort property.  Now they're shooting from boats and jet skis? 

Heard a few gunshots at night in downtown Chicago last month. We live in a fucked up world. :cry:


I went to Acapulco in the late 70s.  As a kid I used to enjoy watching the cliff divers to their thing on ABC's Wide World of Sports and there was still a little bit of that going on when we were there but you could tell there was trouble in the air and sure enough not too long after that tourists stopped going.

Looks to me like Tulum is pretty far from the resort where OBH is happening so I would think and hope y'all will be fine.  And like slappymoe says above it can't be much more dangerous than Chicago and it will certainly be warmer in March!


I just got back from going to Closer To The Sun 2021 down at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya.  I felt totally safe there.  Granted, the Hard Rock doesn't actually have "beaches", but I'm not going to stress about these shootings.  There's 14 miles of beach front in Cancun (according to the interwebs), I think we'll be just fine in March.  At least as far as beach shootings go.

Curious what COVID will be up to then though...
Cuz it's been so long since someone shattered me.