St. Louis 11/2/2021

Started by Mr. White, Jan 02, 2022, 01:05 PM

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Mr. White

My Morning Jacket - Stifel Theatre - St. Louis - 11/2/2021 - Full Show

My Morning Jacket
Stifel Theatre
St. Louis, Missouri
November 2, 2021
Full Show
Taper Audio by, Darkstarflashes (a.k.a. Mr. White)
(Video Footage Supplemented with Photos)

Hey everybody, I've been working on this video project for 2 months now and finally got the thing loaded to YouTube just this morning (HD Version is still processing though, so the SD Version is what you'll see if you watch right now). I'm about finished with adjusting the volume levels for the songs and converting them to FLAC, so I can upload them to Internet Archives. Some are a slight bit too loud and have a "fuzziness" to them at times, but the way I've done it using Nero Burn has allowed me to double track the audio to give it an extra fullness (the same way my two previous videos were done). I think this fullness to the sound is a fair tradeoff from the original audio. I may upload the original audio to Internet Archives too for purists and to have a mellower and toned-down version available. Hope everyone likes/loves this show. I've listened to it and watched the video footage lots of times and think it's pretty good.

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You're the man Mr. White. Happy New Year to you!
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This is great thank you!


Awesome!  Thank you so much!  I have been looking forward to this since the morning after the show


Wow! Thanks so much for recording and putting it all together. Very much appreciated. I'm excited to watch it. I took my parents to this. It was their first show and definitely a memorable night.

Mr. White

I just wanted to update this description of the video as it now reads on my YouTube channel. I had forgotten to thank Hayden Lawyer for the original videos, that make this show more complete and more enjoyable. It was Unlisted, but I'm going to go ahead and make it Public soon. I've also included a link in the video's description that leads to this thread on this here all mighty Forum. Hopefully people who had forgotten about it or never even knew about our presence will find their way here ... for better or worse.

(Video Footage Supplemented with Photos - The still images were saved from my original videos. Much of the video footage is from my point and shoot Nikon Coolpix camera with additional videos originally recorded by Hayden Lawyer that were adjusted by zooming in and repositioning to show more of the stage area and less of the audience. Thanks Hayden Lawyer! I just wish we could have captured all of the songs on video.)

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Mr. White

My Morning Jacket - Love Love Love (Live)
Recorded at the Stifel Theatre in St. Louis, MO
November 02, 2021

Directed by Trey Kerr
Produced by

My Morning Jacket - Off The Record (Live)
Recorded at the Stifel Theatre in St. Louis, MO
November 02, 2021

My Morning Jacket - Victory Dance (Live)
Recorded at the Stifel Theatre in St. Louis, MO
November 02, 2021
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crazy! they also filmed the entire Stifel Theatre show! They've been filming a lot of shows lately.
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This is incredible! Thanks so much for posting? Did it ever go up on internet archives? I couldn't find it but may have missed it. Thanks again.