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Started by cgreen2599, Feb 08, 2022, 11:23 AM

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I put this up a few weeks ago and forgot to post. Z had just been released a few days prior to the show. Kathleen Edwards guests on Golden. It's the first full band performance of Where To Begin (Jim played solo at Pantages in 2004). The cover photo I used is from one of CC's "on this day posts", so thanks for sharing. From reading comments from another old post apparently Patrick wore a zoro mask the entire show. I'd love to see some pics of that. Jim also provides some random banter joking about smoking crack. Someone who was at the show commented on my FB post that a person at the Nashville show the following night had made a sign that said "Free Crack Giveway", which I think is hilarious.

Also from an old post it looks like "sweatboard" from here originally taped it so big thanks to him.