The New Basement Tapes - Kansas City

Started by ChiefOKONO, Feb 14, 2022, 12:23 PM

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I never saw this before so posting it here in case anyone hasn't yet -
Pretty nice clip!

Come Closer

I wish Quick Like A Flash stayed in rotation


Down on the Bottom is another amazing song that would be nice to see pop back in the rotation. 

That clip above must have been from the docuentary about making the album.  I recommend the whole thing.

Jackets N Pones

This clip and the entire doc is so great. I loved how they highlighted Marcus Mumford being nervous about the lyrics he was assigned to put to music and then he absolutely crushed it with Kansas City and Hands on You. Like my dad always said if I was nervous about something "that's good to be nervous because that means you care..."

Also yes I love Down on the Bottom and Nothing to It. Speaking of side projects I hope those two, Changing World and Losin' Yo Head get mixed into the set lists this tour. Love you all