New Music Festival in Ocean City MD

Started by MPP, Feb 27, 2022, 01:32 PM

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This past week, C3 Productions was just approved by the town council for a Sea Hear Now-type 3 day festival on the OC, MD beach Sept 30-Oct 2.  Been in the works with the town for months, they had to work out details and timing related to the annual Bike Week Rally that's also in September and sets up a big concert stage and fencing at the Inlet parking lot.  Apparently they will take advantage of some of that infrastructure.

No lineup announced just yet, should hear something within the month I'd guess. Would expect some big names.  Heads up for my fellow Delmarva music lovers.

If they are so inclined, probably more likely to see Jacket add Sea Hear Now since it's nicely slotted between New Haven CT and the Charlottesville shows, and the last tour date is the prior week in Nashville.  But I'd guess there's a decent chance they do one of these, especially since they had to back out on C3 for this weekend's Innings Festival, and they also run Shaky Knees ....


Good to know!  Thaks for the news.  We need a good festival in the DC area, but I guesss this will do for a while.  Landmark festival a few years ago was a one off, but really good.  I'm looking forward to hearing the lineup for this fest.