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Started by MOWJO8185, May 11, 2022, 07:55 PM

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Whether you've gone to some or all, or just have listened to the SBDs, rank the OBH festivals over the years!

1. OBH2 - I feel like the band put in some work for this one. Really inspired covers that they learned just for OBH, explored some New Basement Tapes songs, great guests, really jammy. That night 1 80's medley is killer, and set 2 may be one of my favorite constructed sets ever.

2. OBH4 - this one sort of speaks for itself. Just ambitious, if you are hunting white whales you can't do better than this. Only gets knocked points because I feel like by night 3 it felt more like a workmanlike checklist. But that Cobra!

3. OBH5

I really love the energy and exploration they are bringing onstage in their latest incarnation. Just really good vibes and energy. And the Trey set may be my favorite 30 minute stretch of about any show ever.

4. OBH1

Loved the two set format and the Bob Weir collaboration, but it did feel like an extension of the tours around it.

5. OBH3

I just don't go back to this one that often. It's good, but it does feel a bit like a continuation of the 2016 tour, and I didn't feel like there was a ton uniquely noteworthy about it. Still killer, but last out of the five.


Wonderful tropics topic!!!

Off the cuff...

#1 OBH IV - Entire catalog plus  full Cobra? GTFO I still can't believe I witnessed those nights.  My karma bank will forever  be empty.

#2/3 interchangeable for different reasons. Would be like choosing between air and water.

OBH - Deep cuts galore and the vibe of 750/1000 attendees at their first OBH was AHHHMAZING!! The Bob Weir collaboration was beautiful.

OBH V - Nights 1 and 3 might be the best two concerts I've ever seen. The night 2 encore was off the charts. MMJ is playing and creating on a different level post-COVID. Jim's voice is in liquid velvet form and the entire band is on fire. So many highs I almost forgot the jaw-dropping Trey Anastasio sit in.

#4 OBH II - My least favorite from a covers perspective (personal taste)  However, the band was incredible. I'll never forget how windy it was night one, with MMJ kicking things off with Ride Like the Wind. Hair blowing everywhere!! Plus live debuts of Big Decisions and Compound Fracture.

Bonus points- Became huge Dr Dog fan (a personal top 5 for me) in prep of Ohh II for which I will be forever grateful.

#OBH III - Amazing covers of Prince, Pink Floyd and the Beatles. Loved the elegant This Land is Your Land festival opener. So poignant after the 2016 elections. I may be misremembering but I thought Jim's voice was a little rough for these shows. That's the only reason I didn't rank it #4.


didn't attend numbers 1 or 5. of the other 3,

OBH 3 was my favorite. one of the first things that drew me to MMJ is their ability to cover anything convincingly, and that their choice of covers gives an insight into their influences. so many great covers, and having lucius there to provide backing vocals was huge.   

OBH4.....happy to do without covers in exchange for all 7 records in their entirety. not my favorite simply because i preferred riviera maya to punta cana.

OBH2 was a fantastic introduction to the whole tropical getaway scene.  4 days of pinching myself, wondering if it's just a dream. would love to get back to HRRM one day.  :beer: 


Haven't been able to attend any. I just don't have that kind of money.

But, the band just keeps getting better. I think they sound better now than ever. So, OBH5.


Quote from: RobRoy286 on May 13, 2022, 01:08 PMHaven't been able to attend any. I just don't have that kind of money.

But, the band just keeps getting better. I think they sound better now than ever. So, OBH5.

This answer is not incorrect!!


Went to OBHs 2-5, here's my ranking:
#1 OBH 2017
#2 OBH 2015
#3 OBH 2022
#4 OBH 2018

I didn't do OBH 1, but it was this writeup about it (http://www.concertaddictchick.com/2014/02/my-morning-jackets-one-big-holiday-at.html) that convinced me & the wife to do OBH 2, and this was after only seeing MMJ once on Americarama and not yet owning any of their albums.
Cuz it's been so long since someone shattered me.

Come Closer

Seent 1,2 & 4

1 would be below the other two, but it's close between 2 and 4. May give 4 the nod for the uniqueness. 2 had the best lineup for my taste.


#1 OBH 2
#2 OBH 1
#3 OBH 3
#4 OBH 4

I did not go to OBH 5- couldn't risk getting Covid and getting stuck down there.