Roll Call - Carl Broemel + Tyler Ramsey - Zanzabar - Louisville - 7/28/2022

Started by Mr. White, Jun 24, 2022, 12:04 PM

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Mr. White it was great seeing you and hanging out at the show. Such a great night. Thanks for capturing those videos. Excellent stuff as always. What's funny is during Wished Out I had my eyes closed just taking in the music and drifting off to wherever my mind took me. I had no idea that Carl was shredding right in your face until when I opened my eyes I caught Carl stepping off the front platform and back onto the stage. I asked Dale if he had been jamming out in front of you the whole time. He was like yeah and you missed all of it. So I didn't actually see any of your experience but I sure felt the energy of what was happening in that room and I'm so glad that it happened for you.


This was so awesome to read through  <3

I missed this show but loved Carl's other Louisville shows the last several years.