Bend, OR. 8/12/2022

Started by rkwedge, Aug 13, 2022, 01:03 AM

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Set List tonight in Bend  :shocked:

War Begun (Anyone know if they ever opened with this?)
Day is Coming
Lay Low
Least Expected
Never in the Real World
Steam Engine
Evil Urges

Touch Me 2
It's the art of feelin' naked in your clothes


That War opener must have been very cool.  Knot and especially Day is Coming are nice rarer set adds, for me anyway.  Thanks for sharing this!


War Begun opener, wow I'd be ecstatic.


Great show!  Super awesome energy from a fun but well behaved Friday night crowd.  RSP on the above set list was actually Least Expected.  Family with two younger kids on the rail all night dead center got a set list and drum sticks from Patrick at the end of the night.  So fun!  Can't wait for Colorado!


This set list is blowing my mind. To get War Begun opener, and to get Mahgeetah, Lay Low, Steam Engine, PWW, and Dancefloors in the same set, that's like a Red Rocks type set imo.

What a special, special show man. hope it was taped


Like @mdgsolo I was in attendance for this show. Gorgeous Summer night in Bend, perfect for a hot Jacket show!

Great setlist as everyone mentioned. For me, it was even more about the details. They've worked out some new extended jams for a few of their heavy rotation bangers, and man they were so good.

Phone Went West jam was slow and psychedelic, almost like a Type II jam.
Steam Engine - Carl busted out the sax ... to me, anytime you get Carl "Sexy Sax Man" Broemmel, you know it's a special show.
Touch me Part 2 - you always expect to have your face melted off, but they brought a new kind of fire on this one!
Wordless Chorus - I was totally blown away by this one. It was probably 2-3 minutes of pure extended jam bliss after the song would typically end.

I was lucky enough to chat with the band backstage after the show. I mentioned the Wordless jam to Jim, and he seemed super appreciative that I noticed. He said, "Yeah man, we've worked out some cool new stuff for this tour."

Fuck I love this band.