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Listen to Mahgeeta from It Still Moves!!!

Started by Dave M. Starck, Aug 12, 2003, 10:52 pm

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Dave M. Starck

I don't know if anybody has mentioned this before, but I went to where they have a music player ad for new music.  Mahgeeta from It Still Moves is on there.  This is the first song I've heard off of the new album, and it caused my saliva glands to kick into overdrive in anticipation!!!



Link on MMJ's front page


Well, it looks like this settles the debate about which song will be the first single.  Mahgeeta it is!

I also heard it played on Cincinnati's fantastic radio station WOXY:

I was kind of rooting for One Big Holiday, but Mahgeeta will do nicely.  I wonder how much input the band had into the selection of the first single.

Anyhow, it's great to hear this first trickle of press and publicity.  I'm sure much more will follow.


Hmm, it's not excellent quality, but for now, it'll do... Thanks for the link!  :)
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KEXP out of Seattle ( has been playing "Steam Engine" a lot.  I thought dat might be da first single, dingleberry!

Repul;sive monkey

I've heard four songs off of It still moves and out of the four (Mageetah, Run Thru Dancefloors and something else!!?), I have to admit that I rather like Dancefloors the most so far.

Repulsive Monkey

Its ok but out of the 4 songs I've heard off of it so far I really like "Dancefloors". Apart from "Run thru" and "Mahgeetah" and can't remember for the life of me what the fourth was called, but all I can say is they sound different.

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Also on the front page of CMJ's website today are Mahgeeta and One Big Holiday...
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