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It Still Moves + Bonus[IMPORT]

Started by Matt Dowell, Aug 09, 2003, 08:10 pm

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Matt Dowell

Does anyone know about the "It Still Moves + Bonus[IMPORT] advertised at  What is the "Bonus"?  I'm jonesing badly for the new album but not willing to go the ebay route.       If it is like the early releases of At Dawn, I wouldn't want to miss it despite the $34 price tag.

Daniel Milsted

 Hello Matt, I'm actually responsible for this. I'm an import music buyer for a distribution company Amazon uses to supply them with their music and DVD imports.

 BMG / Japan has announced that they "plan" on releasing It Still Moves with a bonus track but it has not been confirmed yet. I've asked a couple of exporters over their to send through the bonus track as soon as it is announced. Also the release date is set for the 25th-of September. It's not available now! For one reason or another Amazon always neglects to put accurate release dates on their site for imports.

 I wouldn't be surprised if they add a song from an older album as a) nothing has been available domestically in Japan before and  b) to my knowledge there has been no mention of any b-sides or left-over songs from the It Still Moves sessions.

Take care, Daniel

ps - I'm a huge fan of the band so if anything cool pops up in any territory from MMJ, Amazon will list it on it's site. We also sell to amongst many shops nationally, CD Universe and they may be a bit cheaper. They also update their album information more frequently.

pps- I also write the Collector's Column for ICE MAGAZINE and if I get the bonus information before next week's deadline I'll include it in the October issue that streets early next month.

peanut butter puddin surprise

Yo Daniel-
Thank you for the information regarding this.  I was concerned that you had a promo copy or something and were trying to sell it before the release date, but I give you props for being honest and letting us all know the situation.

Otherwise, we would be having another kind of involving the kind hearted, yet angry ramblings of the MMJ fan mob!  (hee hee-don't take it as a threat, just good jocularity amongst brothers)

Thanks again for the post.  May the road rise to meet you.
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Matt Dowell


Thanks for clearing that up, Daniel.  I figured that it must be a legitimate release if it is at Amazon, but the one to two week shipping didn't make sense, being well before 9/9. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part!


Hello Guys, Well I just got word from BMG Japan that they will NOT include any bonus material on "It Still Moves". Unfortunately Amazon cannot remove that SKU from their site so it will be up there forever, much to the bewilderment of consumers.

 On another more positive note I spoke with James (owner) of Darla Records and he has quite a bit instore for us fans. Without giving to much away they have plans on issuing a load of previously unreleased and rare (Demos,Covers,B-sides etc...) material from their Tennessee Fire and At Dawn sessions. They are going to wait until "It Still Moves" has been out for awhile and their fanbase increases.

 That's all for now, Daniel

ps - Thanks John for all the FTP files. I can't tell you how much they've helped me and others get more into the band.

peanut butter puddin surprise

Quoteps - Thanks John for all the FTP files. I can't tell you how much they've helped me and others get more into the band.

 ;D  You are welcome.  
Runnin' from somethin' that isn't there