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I gotta muddafuggin bone ta pick!

Started by Tooth, Sep 03, 2003, 07:46 am

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Why is MMJ skipping the entire state of NC on this current tour?

I mean, I understand that the last time they played in Chapel Hill (at the Cats Cradle), the audience turnout was sparse, but c'mon!  They packed Go Studios (smaller venue) the time before that!

Why does MMJ hate NC?




Seems like they are skipping most of that part of the country.

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I don't think MMJ "hates" North Carolina, like I don't think they hate Rhode Island or South Dakota or any other state.

Looking at the tour dates, it appears to at least my eyes that they're headin' for larger cities, which is to be expected, IMHO.  Why not take a cruise up to Louisville and see 2 shows here?  Yeah, it is far...but I've driven pretty far to seem 'em myself (Pittsburgh, Indianapolis).  Believe me, it's soooooo worth it.  Nothing like the synapse shattering pleasure overload of an MMJ show at Headliner's...

Besides, if you come here, we can have that long talked about drink we've been chatting about for over a year now!
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i don't think they're dissin' north carolina either...i remember seeing them at gate city noise in greensboro a couple of years ago. really i think it's availability...i've noted that josh rouse, trans am, and a couple of other bands i've been wanting to see are all headed that way. september/october is just prime touring time, and i bet all the clubs were booked when it fit into the MMJ schedule. maybe they'll be back down that way post-CMJ; they're hitting philly again and maybe they'll trickle back down the coast. if you don't want to go to the 'ville, how about heading up to the D.C. show?? you know it'll be worth the drive....


Both the DC shows i've been to have been fantastic.


Everyone here is very cool.  And very...mellow.  (take that Mr. Conway!)  YEEOWZAH!  

I know MMJ doesn't REALLY hate NC.

I was just hoping to see 'em on the first leg of the tour after the new album rips everyone in the world a new cornhole.


Your grandpa


Oh, and John, I almost forgot, I would love to get together with you (and other board members) sometime to discuss music, art, string theory, and string bikinis over a few bourbons.


QuoteI would love to get together with you (and other board members)
me, too, tooth.  Whatever happened to the idea of a listening party?  
Here's what sez abt the release date:

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peanut butter puddin surprise

hey, there's nothing at all stopping us from a listening party...what do you propose??  drop me an email.  let's talk about this.

Maybe we could convince the Mag Bar to play it on their jukebox.....hmmmmmmm
Runnin' from somethin' that isn't there