Tribute to MMJ show in Nashville 12-15

Started by cgreen2599, Dec 13, 2022, 10:23 AM

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This Thursday several local musicians are putting on a tribute to concert to raise money for the MusiCares organization. Should be a really cool night and I'm really looking forward to this.


I ended up recording the last five songs from the show if anyone wants to check it out. There's some good videos posted in the FB group. I think they're working on putting on youtube at some point. Thanks to Cody Parson for organizing the event and providing setlist info

1. One Big Holiday - Young Robot
2. Gideon - Wynton Existing
3. Highly Suspicious - Kay Azna Weapons
4. Climbing The Ladder - Down Boy
5. Hopefully - Of Water
6. Golden - Rachel Cole
7. Same In Any Language - Big Jed's Big Rigs
8. Touch Pt 2 - Cody Parson & The Heavy Change
9. I'm Amazed - Natchez Tracers
10. Holdin On To Black Metal - Drug Dog
11. Run Thru - War Play
12. Phone Went West - Jodal Bravo