Peach Fest 2023

Started by MMJOwlz, Dec 20, 2022, 08:43 AM

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Looks like MMJ's heading back to the mountain!  Has anyone gone to the Peach Fest before?  How's camping/lodging and the fest in general?


Peach is a great festival IMO- Camping is another story. The spot they have the lots in is very steep ( you're on a mountain) I live somewhat close so I'll be doing a day pass to see MMJ. Saw them play back in 2017 and it was a great set! They played Melissa by Allman Bros as a tribute. This year Peach has announced a Pink Floyd tribute theme, and with MMJ with a few Floyd covers in their arsenal I think we can expect Jacket to honor Pink Floyd in some capacity in their set.

Jack D

Tour poster on One Big Family says July 1 for Peach Festival. Definitely want to day-trip it if/when single-day passes become available. A great way to get a taste of this festival.


Daily Line Ups haven't been announced yet, but as you know MMJ has spilled the beans that they are playing on 07/01. Andy Frasco and Mike Gordon also have tour dates that specify 07/01 as the tour date. Day passes should be for sale sometime in April.