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Preorder pays off

Started by Capt. Jack Sparrow, Sep 05, 2003, 02:42 pm

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Capt. Jack Sparrow

So I have the album. It came yesterday afternoon from Badman ... it's vinyl, so I can't really comment on the packaging. I don't know if the CDs will come with extras or DVDs or demos. I don't think you'll need them anyway.

The Album art is wonderful, though. But it sounds even better.

The reviews to date are fairly accurate. But instead of constantly referring to Southern Rock, Americana - most have missed a major point.

To me - at least - the album sounds like it was written on the road.  Probably because it was. Just look at the previous tour dates. When one takes that into consideration - you'll actually feel like you're on a Greyhound Blue Line in the middle of nowhere with nothing but dust and half-lit street lights in your eyes.  Especially when Dancefloors segues into Golden. It's a beautiful moment.

Another note: The outro to I will sing you songs is beautiful. Believe me, there are plenty of highlights on this record - but that outro ... delicate and perfect and has nothing to do with Neil Young, Whiskey, being in your 20s or growing a beard. In short, it's the sound of a band breaking your heart and putting it back together piece-by-piece, note-after-note. The first time you listen to that song.  Take note.  Jot it down in a journal somewhere.  It's simply that good and you're gonna wanna remember where you were. Trust me.  



Capt. Jack Sparrow