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the EPs

Started by fakeplasticSpivey, Sep 01, 2003, 11:48 pm

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I don't know anything about the EPs...  are they fantastic?  

Sal Paradise

They sure are!

Chocolate And Ice is my favourite but also the most experimental with it's 20+ minute epic Cobra and weird but charming answering machine message.

The Split EP has only three songs but each of em a real gem so also worth checking out.

And ofcourse no christmas is complete without the Xmas Fiasco Style EP! :)
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My favorite EP is "Heartbreakin' Man," if you can find it. I love that little bit of "Sleep Walkin'" that they do. And "Tonight I Want to Celebrate With You" is a pretty special song. Special in that, I think it kind of hints at what was to come on Chocolate and Ice.  
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Yeah, I totally agree on the Heartbreakin'Man EP, but that was a Europe-only release, so it might not be that easy to get a hold on, though I don't know where you're from,  Spivey.

Overall, the Split EP is my favorite. It's almost a shame those 3 songs will never get the attention they would have had they been on "It still moves". 3 of the best songs they ever recorded, I tell ya.
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