Roll Call - Red Rocks - 8/25/2023 8/26/2023

Started by rkwedge, Mar 24, 2023, 01:01 AM

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Awesome thanks. Gonna do this shuttle from union station.

Also, I've posted this in another thread, but I have an extra second row ticket for anyone who's interested or knows someone. Selling at face value
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1. rkwedge +3 (both nights)
2. tdb810 & 8bobbyb (both nights)
3. Rab7607 + Mrs. Rab (both nights)
4. dcfire (both nights)
5. Pineapple + Mrs Pineapple
6. Bulldog and the Mrs (both)
7. johnnyyac (both nights, row 5)
8. MMJTX +1
9. MMJCOBRA (aka unravelled)+1 both nights
10.jose elberto + my old lady - 8/26
11. LB night 2
12. Derek713 + 1 (both nights)

This will be my friends first MMJ show and first time at Red Rocks. What a way to start!


On summer vacation from Toronto. Just attended both nights at the Greek and was supposed to attend the now postponed Hollywood Bowl show. Unfortunately I can't make the rescheduled date, so instead I'm flying to Denver for a whirlwind 24 hours to see the world's greatest band on night two at Red Rock!
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Has anyone received check in details for VIP yet?


Quote from: Derek713 on Aug 23, 2023, 11:36 AMHas anyone received check in details for VIP yet?
Curious as well. I feel like I did see somewhere that we would get an email 24-48 hours before the event. I would imagine there will be a VIP check at the top circle and early entry doors at 6:15.


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What a show, they crushed the ISM songs especially IWSYS, Steam, and Dancefloors
Took an interesting turn for the second set. Was expecting some more rarities and definitely thought we'd get the unreleased songs from the deluxe edition. But man that Honest Man was life affirming. Made me the happiest man in the building


Honest Man was unreal.
Best band on the planet.


Couldn't choose which night was better. Both amazing.  My favorite RR weekend, of the three I've seen. Honest Man, SST, all of Cobra, incredible version of Feeling Alright.  M Ward really added to the whole weekend too.

Last night, the energy from Wasted through the L3 close was insane.  Dialed up to 12.

Best rock band on the planet indeed. 


Agreed best Red Rocks weekend yet and that's saying a bunch. Here's night two, once again thanks Sky's Boots.
It's the art of feelin' naked in your clothes