MMJ Live Vol 3. Bonnaroo 2004

Started by MMJTX, Mar 30, 2023, 11:37 AM

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Quote from: Pineapple on Mar 31, 2023, 03:52 PM
Quote from: APR on Mar 30, 2023, 02:29 PMIf this was a video release, then I'd definitely purchase.  I have listened to this show a lot, and would love to watch it!

Stay tuned...

Very interesting.  Care to elaborate?


This is an amazing release.  I like it more than Okonokos...I know that is blasphemy!  Just having Cobra and Phone along with the ISM classics is amazing.  This is the band hitting their stride and it's cool to be able to physically own this.  It is worth it for the cover alone.


Great version of PWW too. It changed a lot from '03 to '04 with Bo and Carl.


Side C of the vinyl is Dancefloors, PWW, and Cobra, gonna wear that out quick. Probably illegal in some countries  :grin:


We're really digging this release!  It's amazing how much better MMJ's official live releases are when compared to audience recordings, and this one sounds particularly good.  The band is on fire, the setlist is bonkers, and I really dig the sporadic screams of delight coming from the crowd.


The sound quality of this record is fantastic for being a live show.  Really digging this one.  Can anyone tell me how to access the Thunderdome Documentary?  I watched it the day it came out, and I've hyped it up to some friends who really want to watch.



So fucking cool. Thanks for the heads up!

Falling deep into a Jacket hole these past few days. Perfect time for seeing them next Saturday!


Quote from: Lonndown27 on Apr 07, 2023, 05:13 PMI LOVE THIS IDEA.
But I think the show should be put out visually, not just audio. This was a moment where Danny Clinch's film was immortal with unreal footage. They've got the entire thing. Just put it out. Please.
I'm very grateful for this set to come out as it has one of the greatest Cobras from my perspective and a bunch of unbelievable renditions, of course Steam engine is unreal, especially if you've seen the video of the rainstorm and braving the madness of know how powerful it was.
A great Lowdown, too. I think it's underrated.
An incredible OBH as we've all seen that footage for years. A solid Way That He Sings, too.
It's a career defining show and one which we needed to see released.
I'm going to buy this obviously, and cherish every second, I just think the footage would be a fantastic accompaniment.
I hope they do it. And not just a flimsy digital download.
DVD baby.
Let's get physical, physical.

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Quote from: SteamEngineWentWest on Jun 15, 2023, 06:48 AM

Available through Friday now

This still shows up as private.  Any other way to watch?  Kind of a shame it's so hard to see.  I enjoyed the shit out of this doc, I'd buy a DVD if I could. 


I believe you can still buy the digital deluxe version on the One Big Family website for $15 and have access to the documentary.


Quote from: SteamEngineWentWest on Jul 13, 2023, 05:07 AMI believe you can still buy the digital deluxe version on the One Big Family website for $15 and have access to the documentary.

Good to know, thanks for the intel!