Beech Mountain questions

Started by elaine86music, Jul 23, 2023, 09:21 PM

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Thinking of going up Sunday night for the show - any suggestions for lodging?  Would prefer to be able to walk to the venue, but now sure what to look for.  Also, what is the viewing area like, capacity, etc.?  I haven't been to a non-assigned seating venue in a long time - just wondering what to expect.


I've not been yet, but I'll be there on Sunday.

Everything I've read says parking is very limited on site and to expect to park in town and ride a shuttle bus into the venue.

As for accommodations the only one I could find within walking distance was very overpriced and required a 2 night minimum stay. I'll just be driving the 3hrs home after the show.

As for the stage setup, it doesn't look very big, but it is on a sloped hill so you should have a view no matter where you end up standing or sitting (lawn chairs are allowed).

Hope you make it out!